Serika FAQ


Serika is custom cream and yellow keycap set designed by Zambumon.  Here are some of the frequent asked questions.

Does [insert kit] include [insert keycap]?

All kits include only the keys pictured.

How do I fill my keyboard?

You’ll need a Core kit, and it is essential to cover any layouts. For most keyboards, such as Nemo, Tokyo60, Anne Pro, Pok3r, Uniqey C70, Leopold FC660M, Duck Wiper, Tada68, Magicforce 68, Percent Canøe, Duck Octagon, Drevo 84, Percent Skøg, Masterkeys Pro S, TX-CP, Leopold FC980M, Cherry G80-1813, Kira, RS96, or a Duck Lightsaver, this is the only kit that you’ll need. There are a couple exceptions:

  • Ergodox users just need to get the Ergodox kit
  • Minivan, Minorca, Sebright, and Planck users will need to add a 40s kit.
  • Split spacebar keyboards (Banana60, VE.A) should grab either the spacebar kit or the 40s kit.

Is this keyset fully compatible with the Corsair Strafe, Fnatic Gear Rush, or Razer’s keyboards?

No. These keyboards have a non-standard bottom row with 6.50U spacebar.

Is this keyset fully compatible with the Mistel Barocco 60%, Filco Minila, or Filco Minila Air? Can you add a 3U & 4U spacebars to the spacebars kit?

No. These keyboards use 3.00U, 3.25U, or 4.00U spacebars and aren’t that common amongst enthusiasts. It would require GMK to make new molds to cover those three boards.

Can I use these keycaps on my laptop/Apple keyboard?


Do the keys support backlighting?

No. These keycaps do not support backlighting as they are made out of two different opaque plastics. However, you could get an awesome underglow effect.


Credit: mindxthinker

Which vendor do you plan to use for Serika’s Group Buy?

Massdrop. They have recently delivered well over 2000 Nautilus orders, shipping them on time, and with marginal (to none) issues. On top of that, they are working hard to give better and more transparent post-drop updates.

How much will it cost?

Prices should be similar to previous GMK sets such as Nautilus, Yuri, or Laser.

When will I be able to get this set?

If everything goes right and there’s enough interest on it, you’ll be able to purchase this set in May 2018.

I’m concerned about the final colors, how will you ensure that they’ll be the close to the renders?

GMK and I are taking extra steps to make sure that everything goes right, as we know that yellow is a tricky color and getting the perfect colors will be super important for this set. This is why GMK and I have been using a Pantone color chart to define which custom colors are going to be used. GMK has already ordered plastic samples and we’ll do as many takes as needed to get the perfect colors.

Why is the 40s kit an add-on and not a part of the core?

A separate add-on kit allows me to get a better layout coverage and accent keys while keeping the core kit’s price down.

$[insert price] for ABS? No way I’m paying for that.

There are many high-quality product made in ABS that people love such as LEGO, or GMK keycaps. GMK makes thick, doubleshot keycaps (their legends are sharp and will never fade). If you haven’t tried these keycaps before: they get through an excellent quality control, their legends are consistent, they are perfect for long typing sessions, and they sound fantastic.

Can you add the gmk nautilus style ergodox keys with the doubleshot legends?

Despite of Nautilus’ hype and how great was having doubleshot legends on an ergodox, some people were discouraged by the first tier price point and decided not to get one.

Are there any story behind the keycap color way and the novelties?

In August 2016, just after The Amazing Chocolatier’s drop ended, I started working on two new sets,. One of those was Nautilus, which was finished first, and the other one was an unnamed set that later became Serika.

While working on Nautilus, I had something very clear: I wanted to work on a less flashy and more subtle color way but without falling into the “boring” tag. I also wanted to make a set were yellow was the main component and not just an accent (like in Chocolatier or Nautilus). For the alphas, I had obviously go for something lighter, so I opted for a white (with a tint of beige). And that’s how the colorway was decided.

Fast forward to Novemeber 2017, just before Nautilus started shipping, I started working again on the set. There were two unfinished issues: its name and the novelties. The name issue was solved quite fast. Like many others on this community I’m also interested in space exploration (Godspeed, and Yuri), so I paid an homage to the Space Brother’s manga and named the set after fictional astronaut Itou Serika. As for the novelties, unlike previous sets, I wanted to keep them simple and more abstract, so I went for something that I was already interested in: impossible geometric figures, such as the Penrose triangle.

Does the core kit include scooped F & J keys?

Yes, it includes both scooped and barred F & J keycaps.

Could you split the keycaps in more kits?

No, GMK has a 150 minimum order quantity for any purchase order (250 if you use custom colors), and their prices scale down quite well the more sets are sold. This is the reason why all GMK sets have a big base kit that covers most layouts, as it makes things easier for everyone and minimizes the risk of not having your keyboard layout covered.

Who did the renders?


If you have any doubts, please feel free to ask them on the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them.

6 thoughts on “Serika FAQ

  1. Can we have the option to buy only the alpha keys or alpha+basic mods? For example, I want to use it on 60% or 40% keyboards, then there are lots of keycaps in the core kit that I don’t really need and still need to pay for it… BTW, I love the color design, thanks for your effort!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s not a good idea for GMK sets, as they have a high MOQ of 250 units for custom colors. In addition, GMK has huge price drops the bigger the purchase order is. For instance, Serika’s core kit could cost $140 at 250 units but $100 at 1500.

      Liked by 1 person

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