Serika – Update #2


Here it is, the Update #2 and it comes with lots of new things for the set!

Kit updates

I’ve performed some minor tweaks on some of the kits, here is a change log of them:

  • Fixed some clarity issues on some of the kits, and the addition of each kit’s name to the render.
  • Core kit: R4 1.25U Shift legend is now text-only.
  • Novelties: Added grey arrows
  • Spacebars: Added a second 6.00U spacebar, now the kit has both off-center and center stem 6.00U spacebars.
  • Added two new kits to the set: Hiragana and Micons.


Hiragana offers an alternative set of alphas. These doubleshot keycaps feature Latin and Japanese legends. Unlike previous sets, Serika’s Hiragana will have secondary Japanese legends (you can spot some of them on the number row). Combined with the Spacebars and Micons, you should be able to cover 60% and 65% keyboards, both in ISO and ANSI layouts.



This add-on kit features a minimalistic set of doubleshot modifiers designed by MiTo. It provides enough keycaps to cover 60% and 65% boards both in ANSI and ISO layouts.

I’d like to thank MiTo for letting me not only use them on Serika, but to expand the kit and add new legends to the GMK collection.



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Samples update

GMK has received the plastic samples that I’ve sent them and they have forwarded them to their plastic supplier. As I mentioned on Update #1, I’m very confident that with just a minor tweak we’ll get the perfect yellow.

As for the alphas, a second batch of samples are on my way and I’ll post about them as soon as I can.


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