Interest Check: GMK Jamón – Gathering Feedback


Yesterday I published GMK Jamón’s project page (click here to visit) and gathered some initial feedback based on your comments.

Here are some thoughts based on your comments:

International kit

For now, I’ve chosen not to offer it and unless and overwhelming amount of people are really interested on this set. The truth is that the international kit has only reached 100 Units twice (Nautilus and Laser. Carbon would have probably reached it too had the kit being offered at the same time as the main drop). Yes, other sets had an international kit get into production but those didn’t reach the MOQ.
This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about the International community, or that I’m not considering the kit but I chose not to add a render because taking it down later if there’s not enough interest ends up with a thread full of complains about how it is a shame that the International kit was taken down and a couple “I’d even buy a couple sets to help reach the MOQ”
The same could be applied to Dvorak & Colemak.

Eñe kit

This kit was teased as a joke on April Fools, and it is meant to replace all the letters with just Ñ. Please keep that in mind, because as the kit doesn’t provide any extra coverage. So in this situation, the smaller the kit the better, as more people will be keen on getting one as a silly purchase. Having a kit of just 20 or 25 keys is way more attractive, since it is large enough to cover a macropad or an external numpad, and with two of them you can cover the 60% alphas or even a Planck! Yes, having a large kit would probably cost slightly less than getting two of these kits, but otherwise people wouldn’t get it. By having a small kit you can get more people to get the kit, and it would make things much easier if we think not only about reaching 100 units, but potential higher tiers.
In order to accomodate scooped keycaps, cover all the 1.00U alphanumerics with Ñ, or even allow to fit a Planck (yes, I’m aware that the profile on a planck is usually 2-3-4-4, but I’m not going to keep adding more and more keycaps to this silly kit) with two kits,  I’m adding 4 more keys to this kit: 1 1.00U, R2 1.00, R3 Scooped, R4 1.00.
As these keycaps are meant to substitute the default alphas, and to make production easier, these keycaps will only be made with the alphas color.

Icon mods/[insert language] sublegends

Not going to happen.
Split spacebars & the spacebar kit
As the spacebar kit is accent spacebars only and it already includes split spacebars, alpha colored split spacebars will remain in the 40s kit and I do not have any plans to change that.
Let me explain why I took that approach not only for Jamón, but also for Serika:
The reality is that most people don’t use a split spacebar, and those that use it are most likely to be
a) 40% users.
b) People that have purchased Ergonomic or split keyboards such as the VE.A or TGR Alice which aren’t particularly frugal boards.
c) People that have a 60% or 65% keyboard with a split spacebar.
The first group (40% users) is the most common of the three, as the 40% community started some years ago and there are many popular 40s. The second group is composed by people that wouldn’t mind getting the kit, or at least I can see why they would be bothered about it.
Now, let’s say that I add those alpha colored keycaps to the spacebar kit. Most of the keys would be dedicated to just 40s, with 14 “spacebars” just for them. The “I don’t really want to get the X kits just for a X keycap” could be also applied by most people that use a regular 6.25U or 7.00U spacebar. They could also ask  “why doesn’t the spacebar kit include alpha colored 7.00U spacebars but it includes those for split keyboards?”
The solution I propose is a middle ground, it isn’t ideal for some people, (60% split spacebar keyboards that want alpha colored spacebars) but would work for most.

Ergodox kit

Although a stablished community of Ergodox users exists, the truth is that with each set that gets made, less and less Ergodox kits get sold, the only exception to this rule is if you label the kit as “Ergoplanck”. This is because Planck (Contra sold 700 PCBs, Let’s split builds are really popular, fairly regular Planck drops, and Rev.6 Planck PCB is coming) and Preonic users are the ones that are keeping alive this kits.
If we combine this with the fact that due to the key sizes Ergodox kits end up costing quite a lot, that flat profiles are ideal for these keyboards because there isn’t a standard layout and that the last time an Ergodox GB was done over a year and a half ago, covering this board isn’t ideal unless you do it with XDA, or DSA keycaps (cheaper caps, with low MOQ, and flat profile which allows more layout options).


The novelty kit won’t be huge, but it will have a fair ammount of keycaps. You can expect some black accent keycaps as a reference to Jamón Ibérico Pata Negra, a Siesta keycap, and other Spanish sterotypes. As for the Geometries, only the triangle will be available and it will most likely be a modifier R1 1.00U.
Homing keys
One of the things I don’t like to do is duplicate keycaps, like homing keys. If it were for me, there would only be 2 scooped (F & J) and a dotted 5, just like the OG Cherry keycaps.

R0-5 kit

I’ve been considering to add a kit featuring R0 F-Row and R5 modifiers, depending on how well the poll and the interest check does, I might or might not add them. R0 and R5 keycaps are slighty more pricier than the others because of their size, but they do make a lot of sense in 96-key keyboards and look fantastic on WKL ones. So please, if you are interested on these, let me know.

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