1. A type of cured ham produced in Spain.
2. A God Tier keycap set, the pinnacle of keyset development.

Welcome to the keyboard endgame nirvana. Here it is, amigos, GMK Jamón, which represents the benchmark and equilibrium between cured ham and keycaps, the pinnacle of keycap development. Please follow my lead while I introduce you to the positive vibes realm…



jamon-page-title_0000_TECHNICAL SPECS.jpgokinawa_8

  • Original Cherry Corp. profile.
  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps with legends that will never fade.
  • MX Compatible.
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Nathan Kim compliant


jamon-page-title-_0007_PROPOSED KITS

jamon-page-title-_0004_COREjamon-kit-coreComprising approximately 150 keycaps, this kit is the starting point for everybody. It provides coverage for both standard and non-standard layouts, such as Nemo, Enterprise, Tokyo60, M60-A, M65-A, TADA68, Leopold FC660M and FC980M, or Uniqey C70 and Q100. The Core comes with extra 2.25U and 1.75U shift keys, stepped caps lock and control,  ISO-UK, one 7.00U spacebar and two 6.00U spacebars, and white accent keys.


jamon-page-title-_0003_FORTIESjamon-kit-40sCombined with Core, this add-on kit extends the Jamón’s layout compatibility to 40 percent keyboards such as the Planck (in both MIT and GRID configurations), Minorca, Sebright, JD40, JD45, and Pearl. Forties comes with multiple accent keys and convex 1.00U and 2.00U keycaps.


jamon-page-title-_0001_NNjamon-kit-nnJamón might have started as an April Fool’s joke, but this kit is very real. This novelty kit, composed by 20 Ñ alphas, allows you to add to your keyboard the best letter ever created.


page-title-novelties.jpgjamon-banner-soon.jpgJamón themed novelties will be unlocked once the initial stages of the interest check are over. Want to be the first one to find out about the upcoming novelties? Subscribe to the newsletter.



Just in case you need a little bit more fat on your Jamón keycaps, this kit provides extra off-white spacebars, including 1.00U and 2.00U convex keycaps, R4 1.25, 1.75, 2.25U, and 2.75U keycaps; two 6.00U, one 6.25U and one 7.00U spacebars.



jamon-page-title-_0006_KEYBOARD GALLERY

jamon-page-title-_0016_NEMO ZAMBUMON

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jamon-page-title-_0014_F96 HEAVY ZAMBUMON

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jamon-page-title-_0013_AKINA ZAMBUMON

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jamon-page-title-_0008_TOKYO 60 TOKYO KEYBOARD

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jamon-page-title-_0012_M60-A RAMA.WORKS

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jamon-page-title-_0010_CANOE PERCENT

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jamon-page-title-_0011_M65-A RAMA.WORKS

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jamon-page-title-_0009_C70 UNIQEY

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“GMK Jamón is truly the pinnacle of keycap development. I can already feel myself being lead into a realm of positive vibes.” – Tomusaan
“GOD TIER, Futaba Sakura would be proud.”dead_encryption
“😂😂😂😂👌 perfect ahahah.” – RAMA WORKS
“oof” – Manofinterests


jamon-page-title-make-it-happen.jpgThe best way to support this project is by taking part of this Massdrop poll. But you can also help the project in many other ways:

  • Sharing this project page with your friends and other fellow enthusiasts.
  • Leaving a comment either here or in any other discussion channel with your feedback ad]nd any other suggestions.
  • Subscribing to the newsletter.
  • Following me on Instagram, and get a sneak peek of the extra stuff I post over there.



Feedback and requests are the infinity keystones that will help this GMK Jamón to reach the pinnacle of keyset development. Three official discussion channels have been set up:

jamon-banner-geekhack  jamon-banner-massdrop-2.png jamon-banner-reddit


jamon-page-title-extras.jpgI’m currently working on Jamón themed deskpads, cables, and artisans; but there are many other things that I’d like to offer to complete the set from handmade artisan keycaps, custom sleeves, to stickers or any other merchandise.

If you are interested on providing your services, please do not hesitate to contact me by filling up the form on the About me page.




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