GMK Striker

GMK Striker is a tribute to the Japanese National Football Team, a team that had a brief, yet fantastic participation in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, displaying a great level of football. The Japanese squad almost made it to quarter-finals, but sadly lost against Belgium in the very last minute of the extra time.

A striking blue set with Hiragana sublegends and indigo accents, that captures the spirit of the Samurai Blue.

Where to buy

Striker will be available for pre-order from 4/25/2019 to 5/18/2019.

Proposed Kits

Composed by just 119 keys, the core kit is the starting point for everyone. It provides coverage for most keyboards ranging from 60% to TKL form factors, including those with a WKL bottom row, or stepped caps lock. The kit includes accented Esc and Enter keys, and a second Tab key so you can reuse your extra modifiers with other sets.

The Numpad kit extends the layout support to 1800, 96-key and fullsize layouts. An accent enter key is also included with this kit.

The Forties & Split allows compatibility with many 40% and ortholinear keyboards, including the popular Planck. Some additional inclusions are small space bars, a second B (used by some ergonomic and split keyboards), as well as accent Enter and Esc keycaps.

The Spacebars kit extends Striker’s layout support by including two 6.00u spacebars so you can cover your Uniqey C70, and Cherry G80-1800 keyboards. The kit also includes accent split, 6.25u and 7.00u spacebars.

Keyboard Gallery

Zambumon Jules

Zambumon Percebe

Zambumon Verne

Zambumon Sar

Technical Specs

  • Made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH
  • Original Cherry Corp. profile
  • Thick doubleshot ABS keycaps.
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Expected Delivery Date: October 2019