About me

Hi, I’m Zambumon and I’m a mechanical keyboard enthusiast from Spain.

Since 2015 I have been involved in several keycap sets providing 3D renders for sets such as PuLSE SA, GMK Hydro, GMK Taro, GMK Mint Dolch, Godspeed SA, Dasher and Dancer SA, Penumbra SA, Hyperfuse SA, GMK Honeywell, DSA Overcast, or DSA Royal Navy…

I have also designed my own sets! So you might know me for:

You can find me on InstagramReddit, Massdrop, or Discord (@Zambumon#0100)


For project proposals or rendering services, please fill up this form:


Note: Please, do not contact me asking about keycaps, project release dates, or group buy updates. E-mails asking for these topics won’t be responded. Group buy updates will be posted by the vendor.