MT3 Serika

Get ready for Serika! The beige and gold set is coming back this summer in MT3 profile, a fully-sculpted high profile designed by legendary community member Matt3o, which takes inspiration from the iconic IBM beamspring terminals of the 1970s, and Topre Hi-Pro.

MT3 Serika is available for pre-order until August 30 2019 11:59 PT


A custom typeface for a custom set

MT3 Serika features Audacia, a bespoke typeface that is inspired by IBM beamspring terminals and Olivetti typewriters.

Developing what I believe is the main feature of this set has been a great challenge, something that I think has already paid off. The results so far are more than impressive and being able to tweak every single detail of the set so easily is something that couldn’t have been achieved had I used an off-the-shelf font.

Proposed kits

MT3 Serika has two different options to choose from the core alphas: Latin and Katakana. The Katakana sublegends are based on an Olivetti Lettera 32 and their placement is is heavily inspired by Apple extended keyboards with Katakana sublegends.

The Modifiers kit provides basic layout coverage for 60%, 65%, 75%, and TKL keyboards. Some notable inclusions are the accent keys, winkeyless support, and stepped caps lock.

Forties is a standalone modifier kit that provides extensive coverage for ortholinear and other small form factor keyboards.

Ergo is Serika’s third standalone modifier kit specifically designed for split ergonomic keyboards such as the ergodox.

Numpad is an add-on kit that adds support for 1800 layouts, 96-key layouts, and full-size layouts. An accent enter key and extra compatibility keys have also been included.

Extra mods is an add-on kit that includes split bars, a second B for ergonomic layouts with a double B such as the EM7 and Alice, 2.25U, 2.00, and 1.00 shifts for FC660-like layouts and 60% with arrows, as well some extra layout options for 60%, 65%, 75%, and TKL layouts.

UK ISO is a small extension kit that adds UK layout support for international layouts. It comes with two accent ISO enter keys and an extra R1 1.00U key for color symmetry.

The International kit provides layout coverage for Brazilian Portugues, Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Finally, the Typist kit provides layout coverage for Colemak, Colemak DH, Colemak DHM, Dvorak, Workman, Norman, and Carpalx QGMLWY.

Geometries is a small accent kit with geometric novelties that can be used on your bottom row, or as an ESC replacement.

Novelties is a medium sized kit with media keys, macros, accent text arrows, and some other non-standard legends for your keyboard.

Super Homing is probably my favorite kit of the set. Inspired by the homing row of Topre Hi-Pro keyboards, the kit provides six extra homing keycaps for each of the available Core Alpha kits, so you’ll be able to have all 8 fingers with a homing key.

Arrows is a small accent kit with icon arrows in both yellow and grey. Like the modifier kit, it includes R2 up arrows for ergonomic purposes.
The F-Row kit offers a set of alternative colorways for a TKL function row.

Mac is a small kit with bottom row OPTION and COMMAND keycaps. Can be used with any of the core modifier kits.
Odd Bars is a kit that includes non-standard space bars in both beige and grey colors. This kit includes 6.00 (center stem), 3.00 and 4.00 unit space bars.

Split Bars provide accent space bars for small form factor and split keyboards.
Standard Bars is an accent kit with 6.25 and 7.00 unit grey space bars.

About the kits

MT3 Serika’s kits can be divided in four categories:

  1. Core Alphas: these are essential kits. A core alpha kit provides the basic alphanumeric keycaps needed to cover your keyboard.
  2. Core Modifiers: these are essential kits. A core modifier kit provides basic layout coverage when combined with a core alpha kit.
  3. Extension kits: these are add-on kits. They are designed to extend the layout coverage provided by either alphas or modifier kits.
  4. Accent kits: these kits include accent and novelty keycaps that will allow you to further customize your board.

Technical Specs

  • MT3 profile (designed by Matt3o)
  • Thick PBT keycaps with dyesublimated legends
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones
  • Custom legends using the Audacia typeface