Compact layout. Max power.

The winkeyless compact 1800 layout jam-packs the functionality of a full-sized keyboard in a truly versatile and efficient form factor. A productivity instrument first and foremost that is perfect for the workspace. Dedicated areas for number input, navigation, and typing are conveniently arranged with a separation between them for greater usability.

Clean and fluid lines for a seamless construction.

Sar retains the original streamlined aesthetic developed with Verne and refines it in every possible aspect with an uncompromised design that is purely driven by purpose. Careful consideration has been made from the tiniest details, like the status lights, to the largest ones like the precisely machined back curves or the breath-taking side profile. The result is an absolute unit meant to be the centerpiece of your desk.

Elevating the concept of thick to a whole new level.

Sar features a 4.75mm thick plate utilizing a fully-isolated gasket mount comprising of a set of vibration-dampening urethane strips. The intricate switch plate is available in either polycarbonate or brass, resulting in two radically different typing experiences. So lit.

Take a look at what’s under the hood.

For Sar, has developed the remarkably uncluttered, yet exceptionally capable WT90-A circuit board. The hot-swappable sockets allow for a dramatically fast, hassle-free assembly; three surface mounted RGB LEDs display layer information and a breakout board provides USB-C connectivity that is low and centered at the rear of the chassis.
The circuit board is QMK compatible and can effortlessly be programmed using VIA, resulting in a more intuitive, useful, and truly exceptional user experience.


The bead-blasted, then anodized aluminium enclosures are offered in four carefully picked colour combos, all of them with an internal black brass weight and the plate of your choice.

Technical Specs

Weight and dimensions

  • Estimated enclosure weight (frosted polycarbonate/monolith brass plate): 2.44 kg / 3.33 kg (5.38 lbs / 7.34 lbs)
  • Front height: 19.7 mm (0.77 inch)
  • Width: 382.4 mm (15.05 inch)
  • Depth: 143.1 mm (5.63 inch)


  • 8.0° slope.
  • Isolated gasket mounted 4.75mm switch plate.
  • USB-C interface.
  • WT90-A SAR designed by Hot-swappable, QMK compatible PCB, and fully programmable with VIA configurator.
  • Made by Salvun.


  • Kindly note that the images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes only. The final colors may differ slightly.
  • Keycaps, switches, and stabilizers are shown for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with Sar.