banner-choco.jpgchocolatier-verne-7Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this keyset. After more than two years, we finally meet again (I shake you warmly by the hand). Once again, my factory is open for visitors, so please go ahead and come to taste the new flavours produced in our German facilities!

Released almost two years ago, SA Chocolatier was the first keycap set that I’ve ever made. Inspired by the chocolate wrappers of the 2005 motion picture adaptation of Roald Dahl’s masterpiece, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, GMK Chocolatier is the second iteration of this set.

Technical specs


  • Original Cherry Corp. profile.
  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps with doublsehot legends that will never fade.
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Custom chocolate colors matched to what the SA run should have looked like.

Available kits


For this set, I decided to approach thing a little bit different. As I do not plan to run this set over Massdrop, where we had the SA version, and since the set will be made GMK, a company based in Europe, having an European store selling the set has its perks: no import taxes, affordable shipping, and also the possibility of having a different base kit.

As most people (if not all) in the US and Canada use ANSI, having the UK-ISO layout is more an inconvenience than a perk. Making keycaps that will never be used is a waste of plastic, so I’ve opted to experiment a little bit and have two different cores. The core kits are exactly the same for both regions, with the exception of the bundled ISO keys. I’ve taken this decision with two goals in mind:

  • Bringing more visibility to the European store selling this set, as ISO users will outrage for the lack of those keycaps for the US version.
  • Making the set more affordable for most people joining the group buy (people from the US, and Canada) as well as the Chinese. As well as increasing the chances of getting one of the extra kits.

With the goal of encouraging the reusability of these keycaps with other sets, I’ve also included a second Tab key. With just that extra key, now people could potentially use Chocolatier’s modifiers at the same time in, for example, an HHKB and a standard fullsize keyboard.


Chocolatier_02_40sThis kit has been designed to add that extra bit of compatibility that some 40 percent keyboards need due to their split spacebars, and small enter keys. With this kit, keyboards such as the Planck, Minorca*, Sebright, JD40, JD45*, Vortex Core, Golbat, Quark, or Pearl would be covered. A 2.00 shift has also been included to support the OLKB Subatomic, the only keyboard that should be using a 2.00 Shift.

Some other keyboard such as Iris, Atreus, or Minidox can be covered in some of their configurations.

* Those would need to purchase the spacebars kit.



Some people like to have an accent color even on their spacebars. This kit provides all the spacebars you’d need in GMK Chocolatier’s blue accent color.



By popular demand, the novelties are back! A small pack of novelties that adds some more options for your enter and escape keys.


Zambumon Nemo

Zambumon Verne

Zambumon F96H

Tokyo.keyboard Tokyo60

Percent Canoe

Uniqey C70

Uniqey Q100


Desk Candy Modern M0110


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Discuss about this project

What’s going on, what happens now?

This is an interest check for GMK Chocolatier. And although I’ve figured out the kits and there won’t be any major change or any new kit. It’s time to gather interest, get quotes, and color samples.

Two weeks ago, I sent GMK a package to the factory which contained some plastic color samples, which were inmediatly forwarded to their plastic supplier. Given how well the process went with Serika, I’m confident that they’ll meet my request and we’ll get the perfect colors for this set.

I’ve also been in talks with Novelkeys as I’m interested on having him as the US distributor of not only the set, but also other extras, such as a deskmat.

The approach for my sets has changed over the years and it has accentuated with Jamón, Chocolatier, and ISJGEFTWC (also known as Samurai Blue). I want the set to be functional and affordable, I want the stores to have an easy time packaging and sending the sets, I want the keycaps to have a good QC, and I want the manufacturer to have an easy time making these sets by not offering an overwhelming number of kits.

I’d also like to say that there might be a possibility of having row 5 keycaps instead of row 4 ones, this won’t require many kit changes (just an extra R5 Fn key) but it might make the set more expensive, so I’ll have to make sure whether or not this could be a thing.

Regarding collaborations, don’t hesitate to contact me, over Discord, filling up the form, reddit, etc. There are plenty of ways to do it.

For updates, I’d suggest either following the blog (for serious ones), or my Instagram account (for short ones).