banner-choco.jpgchocolatier-verne-7Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this keyset. After more than two years, we finally meet again (I shake you warmly by the hand). Once again, my factory is open for visitors, so please go ahead and come to taste the new flavours produced in our German facilities!

Released almost two years ago, SA Chocolatier was the first keycap set that I’ve ever made. Inspired by the chocolate wrappers of the 2005 motion picture adaptation of Roald Dahl’s masterpiece, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, GMK Chocolatier is the second iteration of this set.

Current numbers:

Core (MOQ 250): 318

Novelties (MOQ 250): 263

Spacebars (MOQ 150): 119

Last updated on: November 6th

Where to buy and pricing  Orders closed

Available kits



After some consideration, I’ve opted for a more conservative approach for the core of this set, although with some minor eccentricity.

With the goal of encouraging the reusability of these keycaps with other sets, I’ve also included a second Tab key. With just that extra key, now people could potentially use Chocolatier’s modifiers at the same time in, for example, an HHKB and a standard fullsize keyboard.



By popular demand, the novelties are back! A small pack of novelties that adds some more options for your enter and escape keys.



Some people like to have an accent color even on their spacebars. This kit provides all the spacebars you’d need in GMK Chocolatier’s main accent color.


Zambumon Nemo

Zambumon Verne

Zambumon F96H

Tokyo.keyboard Tokyo60

Percent Canoe

Uniqey C70

Uniqey Q100


Desk Candy Modern M0110


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Technical specs


  • Original Cherry Corp. profile.
  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps with doublsehot legends that will never fade.
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Custom chocolate colors matched to what the SA run should have looked like.