This set is a rendition to the Japanese National Football Team, a team that had a brief, yet fantastic participation in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, displaying a great level of football. The Japanese squad almost made it to quarter-finals, but sadly lost against Belgium in the very last minute of the extra time.



Technical specs


  • Original Cherry Corp. profile.
  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps with doublsehot legends that will never fade.
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH.
  • GMK Latin + Hiragana doubleshot legends, including Hiragana sublegends.
  • Color matched to the official JFA 2018 World Cup jersey.


Available kits

The set will feature my standard lineup of kits adapted for small & medium sized Group Buys, designed to be as affordable as possible, while maintaining great compatibility and allowing to reuse some of the modifiers with other sets by providing an extra tab key.


One of these two core kits will be offered depending on the region. For the Americas, and China, the Core [US] will be the kit to go, while for European costumers Core [EU] will be the one to go. What’s the difference between both kits? Core EU is exactly the same as the US one, but it comes with an ISO kit bundled with it.

Composed by around 150 keys, this kit is the starting point for everyone, and provides great coverage for many boards including Nemo, Verne, Uniqey’s C70, Leopold’s FC660 & F980, TADA68, Massdrop CTRL & ALT, 96-key layouts, as well as winkeyless keyboards.  Two 6.00U spacebars have been provided (one with a centered stem and another one with an off-centered one), as well as an extra Tab keycap, that will allow users to reuse their unused modifiers with another keyboards.




And add-on kit for those that like small form factor keyboards, which need smaller modifiers and split spacebars. With this kit, keyboards such as the so popular Planck, Preonic, Minorca*, Sebright, J40, JD45*, Percebe, Vortex Core, Golbat, Quark, or Pearl are covered. A 2.00U shift has also been included with this kit.

Some other small form factor ergonomic keyboards such as Iris, Atreus, or Minidox can be covered in some of their configurations.

* Provided with an extra spacebars kit



A small kit with Japan’s national flag in various sizes and R1 and R4 profiles as well as a set of accent arrows will also be offered.



For those in need of accent color spacebars, here is your kit. Some nice dark blue spacebars for “classic” and split spacebar layouts.



Zambumon Percebe


Zambumon Nemo



Zambumon Verne


Zambumon F96H




sb_andromeda_3 Thermal

tokyo.keyboard Tokyo60


Percent Canoe

Rama Works M65-A

Uniqey C70

Uniqey Q100

Desk Candy Modern M0110

Discuss about this project


Custom packaging, and deskmat will be designed for this set, but if you are interested on providing your services and contribute to this project, you can reach me by filling up the form of the About me page, or by sending me a message!