GMK Chocolatier: Group Buy Announcement

Two years ago, Chocolatier had a successful run on Massdrop, and today I’m happy to announce its comeback.

When? October 2018

Yes, that’s roughly in about a week.

Where? ASIA, EU, and NA proxies!

Three vendors will have this set available for pre-order on their site:




The Core kit is the starting point for everyone and it is an all-in-one kit.

With Chocolatier’s Core you’ll be able to cover keyboards such as Nemo, Tokyo60, M60-A, TX60, Pok3r, Tokyo66, Zephyr, Kuyo, Canoe, TX65, Massdrop ALT, Clueboard, FC660, Singa, Octagon, Verne, TX-84, Massdrop CTRL, or the Masterkeys S, Duck Jetfire, Andromeda, Q100, TX-CP…

Note that a second R2 1.50U Tab key has also been included on this kit. This eccentric addition allows you to potentially reuse some of your extra modifiers on another keyboard if you get a novelties kit. For instance, you’d be able to cover a standard ANSI TKL keyboard and reuse the extra modifiers on an HHKB layout.



A small pack of novelties that adds some more options for your enter and escape keys.



For those that want some blue-accent spacebars or own a split or ergo keyboard such as the TGR Alice, this is your kit.

Technical Specs

  • Original Cherry Corp. profile.
  • High quality 1.5mm thick keycaps with doublsehot legends that will never fade.
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Custom chocolate colors matched to what the SA run should have looked like.

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