GMK Jamón: Mid-Drop Recap

The State of Jamón

With just two weeks remaining, it is time to do a recap about how the GMK Jamón has done so far, and what can we expect about it in the upcoming weeks. Thanks a lot to all group buy participants for making this possible and a special shout out to dvorcol for providing the cool graphs I’m using on this post.

GMK Jamón is available for preorder  from February 4 to February 28 2019 at Massdrop

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From theory to practice

Theory-crafting kits and using previous data to justify a set’s design is one thing, but getting into the group buy stage and proving that they work is completely another one. GMK Jamón was the perfect set to try this radical new approach I came up for GMK sets. Memes aside, while the set did reasonably well during the IC stage there wasn’t a super huge hype around it, and February is neither the worst or the best month of the year and I knew that this was the perfect storm to test a Core-Extension-Novelty kit configuration.

Jamón has had an excellent start. For a set that has “just” sold 375 Cores, the numbers are actually spectacular: we have already reached MOQ for 40s (a kit that tradionally struggles a lot to do so), almost everyone is picking novelty kits, and even the “meme” kit that should have a hard time to reach MOQ (the Eñe survival kit) is getting closer and closer to it.

On our way to 500 Cores

At this rhythm it could be possible to reach 500 Core kits before the drop ends. That would be great for those that are still indecisive about joining the drop and would also probably mean an increase of people getting a novelty kit.

As for the rest of the kits, with the exception of ISO-UK which has been stucked in sub-20 order, overall it looks like they are doing fantastic.

PD: A sneak peak of GMK Chocolatier

Pics by Oblotzky

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