Nautilus 2 Pricing Update

Without further ado, here are Nautilus kits’ group buy pricing:

🌍VendorCoreExplorerFortiesIntl.MacNoveltiesSpace Bars
🇦🇺Daily ClackAUD $206.00AUD $81.00AUD $81.00AUD $129.00AUD $54.00AUD $63.00AUD $92.50
🇸🇬ILUMKBSDG $172.00SDG $68.00SDG $68.00SDG $108.00SDG $45.00SDG $53.00SDG $38.00
🇺🇸Dixie MechUSD $115.00USD $45.00USD $45.00USD $72.00USD $30.00USD $35.00USD $25.00
🇪🇺Oblotzky Ind.119.00€49.00€49.00€72.00€29.00€35.00€25.00€
🇨🇳ZFrontier (CN)CNY ¥838.00CNY ¥322.00CNY ¥322.00CNY ¥516.00CNY ¥210.00CNY ¥248.00CNY ¥175.00
🇨🇳ZFrontier (Intl.)USD $135.00USD $49.00USD $49.00USD $78.00USD $32.00USD $37.00USD $26.00

Note: the kits will only be available at “group buy price” during the order window that goes from April 2 to May 5.

April 2 update: Daily Clack has been re-adjusted

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