GMK Nautilus 2 – GB Update: Week One Recap

Here is a recap of how GMK Nautilus 2 did during week one.

The Core kit has been doing phenomenally well on week one, with over 200 units on day one and currently standing at 405. We should expect this kit to be very close to reach the MOQ (minimum order quantity) by the end of week two.

Novelties (233/250) and Space Bars (140/150) should both reach the MOQ during week two.

As for the extension kits, Explorer has already reached 75 units and is halfway its MOQ, while Forties and Mac are at one quarter of their respective MOQs. We’ll have to keep a close eye to these kits during week 2 and see how they evolve.

Things are looking good for the International kit, which is currently at 22 units out of the 50 required.

Happy clacking,


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