GMK Lux – GB Update: Week One Recap

Here is how GMK Lux did during week one:
GMK Lux is doing well and on track to reach the MOQ for both kits. We are just 12 units away from hitting the Space bars kit MOQ and we have already surpassed the halfway point for the Core kit.

For week two, I expect the Space Bars kit to hit MOQ on or before Friday and for the Core kit, we should be around 200 units by Saturday (May 23).

As a final note to this week’s recap: thanks to all the early supporters and vendors, we can already confirm that production is secured and both kits will be made.

Where to Buy

GMK Lux is available for pre-order from May 12th to June 7th here:

VendorCoreSpace Bars
🇦🇺Daily ClackAUD $221.00AUD $43.00
🇨🇦Desk HeroCAD $192.00CAD $37.00
🇸🇬ILUMKBSGD $198.00SGD $38.00
🇪🇺Oblotzky Ind.139.00€25.00€
🇺🇸TX KeyboardsUSD $129.99USD $24.99

As this is a made to order product, the estimated shipping date is Q1 2021 (it is expected to ship from Germany on or before March 28, 2021)

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