GMK Lux – GB Update: Week Two Recap

We are halfway the group buy period and here is how Lux doing:

On the week one recap I made some predictions of where Lux could be by the end of week two, and I was wrong… for good.

The space bar kit did hit MOQ on Friday, but I was quite off with the Core kit. It not only hit 200 units before I expected, but it’s much closer to the MOQ than I anticipated.

Where to Buy

GMK Lux is available for pre-order from May 12th to June 7th here:

VendorCoreSpace Bars
🇦🇺Daily ClackAUD $221.00AUD $43.00
🇨🇦Desk HeroCAD $192.00CAD $37.00
🇸🇬ILUMKBSGD $198.00SGD $38.00
🇪🇺Oblotzky Ind.139.00€25.00€
🇺🇸TX KeyboardsUSD $129.99USD $24.99

As this is a made to order product, the estimated shipping date is Q1 2021 (it is expected to ship from Germany on or before March 28, 2021)

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