GMK Serika is coming back in less than a week, and here’s all you need to know about the set

Available Kits

Serika’s second iteration comes with greater layout support, revamped novelties, and two $110 fullsize core kits with either Hiragana or Latin only alphas.

RW × Serika Novelty Keycap

RAMA WORKS® will be producing a beam finish (polished anodized aluminium) with enamel infill keycap in Cherry profile row 1 (Esc key) and compatible with MX style switches.

Salvun × Serika Novelty Keycaps

Salvun will be producing two brass novelty keycaps that are cerakoted, then laser etched and finally clear coated. Available in either grey and beige or yellow and black.

Pricing and Where to Buy

🌍VendorHiragana CoreLatin CoreMacro ExpansionGeometriesSpace Bars
🇦🇺Daily ClackAUD $152AUD $152AUD $83AUD $62AUD $41
🇨🇦Desk HeroCAD $150CAD $150CAD $82CAD $61CAD $41
🇸🇬ILUMKBSGD $149SGD $149SGD $82SGD $62SGD $41
🇺🇸Novelkeys_USD $110USD $110USD $60USD $45USD $30
🇪🇺Oblotzky Ind.€115€115€55€39€25
🇨🇳ZFrontier (CN)RMB ¥828RMB ¥828RMB ¥395RMB ¥300RMB ¥200
🇨🇳Zfrontier (Intl.)USD $136USD $136USD $65USD $49USD $33
🌍VendorFortiesInternationalRW × SerikaSalvun (Grey)Salvun (Yellow)
🇦🇺Daily ClackAUD $69AUD $110AUD $63AUD $84AUD $84
🇨🇦Desk HeroCAD $68CAD $109CAD $57CAD $76CAD $76
🇸🇬ILUMKBSGD $69SGD $109SGD $62SGD $82SGD $82
🇺🇸Novelkeys_USD $50USD $80USD $42USD $56USD $56
🇪🇺Oblotzky Ind.€47€72€42€52€52
🇨🇳ZFrontier (CN)RMB ¥330RMB ¥550RMB ¥295RMB ¥395RMB ¥395
🇨🇳Zfrontier (Intl.)USD $54USD $90USD $45USD $60USD $60


  • Orders open: December 3rd, 2020
  • Orders close: January 7th, 2021
  • Estimated shipping date: Q3 2021 (on or before October 31st, 2021)

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