Final Days To Order GMK Jamón 2


Orders close: May 5th, 2022

Estimate shipping date: on or before Q3 2023

Where can I order the set?

Available Kits


The Core kit is your starting point and provides basic layout coverage for 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 96-key, 1800 and fullsize layouts in both standard and winkeyless variants for both ANSI and UK ISO layouts. This kit also includes Esc, and Enter beige accent keys.

For most people, this should be the only kit that you need.

Macro Expansion

The Macro Expansion add-on kit extends the Core’s layout coverage and provides support for 660-like keyboards (2.25U Shift), standalone numpads (double zero and equals key), ergonomic and split keyboards (split space bars and a second B), 88-key tenkeyless boards (F13) , 60% keyboards with arrows (2.00U and 1.00U shifts) and extended boards such as the ION Zenith (M1-M10 keys). Alternative layout modifiers for HHKB, tenkeyless and other standard layouts are also included.


The Novelties are an accent kit. It includes pata negra, pigs, bacon & eggs, and eñes.

HIBI & Jamón Novelty Keycaps

In collaboration with GMK Jamón 2, HIBI serves up two egg-cellent keycaps, which are no yolk.
A crowd favourite, GMK Jamón 2 is a hard set to beat, and we’re feeling plucky to be a part of the fun!
We’ve fried our best with these keycaps, so if they’re bacon you crazy – you know what to do…

Space Cables Jamón LEMO® Cable

GMK JAMÓN 2 features a neutral 0B LEMO® cable inspired by the high-end packaging Jamón shoulders are often sold in. Capturing that sleek look, this cable will not feature a coiled option.

It utilizes multi-stage Cerakote curing and has its outer housing color-matched to GMK Jamón’s dark grey accent keys. The alignment dots are fiber-lasered in and infilled with a color-matched burgundy (GMK Jamón modifier keys).

Frequent Asked Questions

Is GMK Jamón 2 a limited group buy?

No. Vendors will be taking orders for GMK Jamón 2 from April 4th, 2022 to May 5th, 2022. Within that period, group buy participants are free to order any kits available without limit. There’s no need to rush, so please take your time when ordering a set to ensure that everything is correct.

Can I order GMK Jamón 2 after order window is closed?

Some vendors allocate for pre-order spots (that is the order has been placed with the manufacturer, but production has not been completed). Once the group buy orders have shipped, regional vendors will have on their site a sale for this keycap set, with a limited # of units and at in-stock price, which is higher than the group buy one. If you are not interested on joining the group buy and would rather prefer to order the set once it has shipped, I strongly recommend subscribing to their newsletters, announcements channels (for those that have a discord server), inventory pages, etc.

Please note that for in-stock sales vendors limit the number of Core kits per customer and that they often go out of stock really fast. The group buy pricing is significantly cheaper, you get to ensure your spot and many vendors, complying with their local consumer protection laws, allow for cancellations.

How precise is the estimated shipping date

When estimating shipping dates, both vendors and designers try to account for delays that might happen on GMK’s end as well as shipping to their warehouses and customs. Setbacks and delays might be a thing.

Technical Specs

GMK Jamón 2

  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH
  • Cherry profile (1-1-2-3-4-4)
  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • 1.5mm thick double-shot ABS plastic

HIBI & Jamón 2 Novelty Keycaps

  • Made in Belgium by Salvun
  • Cherry profile Escape key (row 1, 1.00 units wide)
  • Compatible with MX style switches
  • Made of aluminium, then anodized, and enamel infilled.
  • May ship early if ordered separately


Kindly note that only the kit images are of 3D renders and are for illustration purposes. Final colors will match GMK Jamón’s previous release

Keyboards are shown for demonstrative purposes only and are not included with the purchase of these keycaps.

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