Serika – New Yellow Samples

Color samples

Serika’s manufacturer (GMK) and I were working to get exactly the colors we wanted and although the results were good, they weren’t perfect. So it was decided to make a second round of samples.

Yesterday I received a package from GMK containing the second round of yellow samples. For this round, I was able to provide a plastic sample myself that matched the color we were looking for (Pantone 116-C). This plastic sample made the color matching process easier and more reliable, as the Pantone formula guide, while providing lots of samples, isn’t the most ideal when color matching plastics.

The results speak for themselves and the keycap samples I’ve received are a perfect match. These are great news, as yellow is the most striking color in Serika and nailing it makes collaborations much more easier.

With both yellow and grey (I’ve been using GMK N9 since the very first moment) already locked down, the only color left are the slightly beige alphas. GMK has a good selection of white keycaps, however none of them have the slight tint of beige I’m looking for.

Unlike our previous color tests, we’ll be using RAL design color chart for this round, and once the samples arrive I’ll post a follow-up to this topic.


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