Serika – Final Color Samples


Serika’s alpha color plays a huge role for the set, as I wanted them to be a perfect match for the modifiers.

My idea for the alphas was to have some kind of off-white with a slight tint of beige. GMK has two standard colors close that could potentially work (L9 and CP) but when placing alongside Serika’s modifiers the set didn’t look good to me. Don’t get me wrong, L9 and CP are fantastic white keycaps, but as they were too neutral, and the set felt boring.

From left to right: L9, PQ-11-4302TCX from a previous test, RAL 90 90 10 (selected color), RAL 95 90 10 (discarded candidate), CP

However, since we were already using a custom color for the modifiers, using one for the alphas wasn’t a huge issue. With the aid of RAL Design’s color chart, two potential candidates were found: 90 90 10 and 95 90 10. Both of them are bright and slightly beige, exactly what I wanted.

Left: RAL 90 90 10 (selected color). Middle: L9 and CP. Right: RAL 95 90 10 (discarded color)

Out of those two, I opted for RAL 90 90 10, as it was slightly less beige and looked better with Serika’s mods. So, with RAL 90 90 10, Serika’s color palette has been finished.

Compared to OG Vintage keycaps, RAL 90 90 10 is noticeably brighter and just a tiny bit more yellow.
Comparisson beetwen L9 (left), a GMK standard color which was initially considered for the alphas and RAL 90 90 10 (right).

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