GMK Striker: Everything you need to know about the set

GMK Striker is a tribute to the Japanese National Football Team, a team that had a brief, yet fantastic participation in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, displaying a great level of football. The Japanese squad almost made it to quarter-finals, but sadly lost against Belgium in the very last minute of the extra time.

A striking blue set with Hiragana sublegends and indigo accents, that captures the spirit of the Samurai Blue.

GMK Striker

  • Made in Germany by GMK Electronic Design GmbH.
  • Original Cherry Corp. profile.
  • Thick doubleshot ABS keycaps with legends that will never fade.
  • Compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones.

Check the keyboard gallery and find out how it would look on your keyboard.

RAMA × Striker

  • Crimson keycap: milled aluminum, e-coat finish with red enamel infill.
  • MT. Fuji: milled aluminum, anodised finish with white enamel infill.

Where to buy

Depending on your region, you should place your order from:


Orders will be open for a limited time. After the order window ends, a purchase order will be sent to the manufacturer and production will be scheduled.

  • Orders open on: April 25, 2019
  • Orders close on: May 18, 2019
  • Estimated shipping date: October 2019

Current numbers

  • GMK Striker
    • Core (Minimum Order Quantify of 500): 340
    • Numpad (MOQ 150): 110
    • 40s & Split (MOQ reached!): 100
    • Spacebars (MOQ reached!): 150
    • Both Crimson and Mt. Fuji keycaps have reached their respective Minimum Order Quantities and will be made.

GMK striker launched five days ago, and we’ve had a phenomenal start: two of the extension kits as well as the RAMA keycaps have already reached the MOQ, the Core kit is currently at 2/3 of its MOQ, and on top of that there’s roughly two and a half weeks left until orders close!

We are in the best possible scenario for this set, and that’s thanks to all the people that have already have already joined the group, as well as the vendors.

See you in two weeks with a final update right before the order window closes!

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