8 Verne keyboards to be auctioned this week

Back in 2018, I fronted the money for a production run of about 30 Verne keyboards. While this is not the usual approach, especially for a first-time group buy runner, it is the one I took because I felt more comfortable doing it this way.

So, here is the big news:

Next week I’ll be selling 8 Oblivion Grey Verne (with either Classic or Modern layouts) using a Vickrey auction at a starting price of $410.

This is a sealed-bid auction (meaning that bidders will submit their bids without knowing the bid of the other people in the auction) where the top 8 bidders will get a board, and the price to be paid will be set by the eighth-highest bid. Only one bid per person, and a Geekhack ID created before April 1, 2019 is required to participate. I reserve the right to accept or decline your bid.

A Google form will be open from Wednesday, May 15 at 18:00 CEST to Thursday, May 16 18:00 CEST. You won’t be able to modify your response, so please make sure that everything is correct before submitting your entry.

The final price will be announced not long after the form closes, and winners will be contacted at that point The winners will remain anonymous unless they want otherwise.


  • Shipping: the boards will be shipped from Spain which should be 17€ for EU, around $50-$60 for the US and Canada and around $60-$70 to Asia.
  • Payment: Payment will be through PayPal or SEPA (EU members only). A maximum of 4.5% in Paypal fees will be applied to your invoice.
  • EU members: as the boards will be sold from Spain, please take this in consideration when bidding. A 21% VAT will be added to your invoice.
  • NON-EU members: you will be responsible for any customs fees at the time of delivery.

I will decide how the rest of the boards will be sold once the auction concludes.

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