MT3 Serika goes live in August

It’s coming!

MT3 Serika is almost here and here is a sneak peak of the set. We have final colors and legends are almost there. There’s still a lot of hard work to do and many tweaks to make before the group buy goes live, but the set is almost ready!

Final color samples

Color sampling is always a challenge, but we’ve already the final colors for the set and that’s great news.

For both the alphas (beige) and accent keys (dark grey) we got 1:1 matches with the GMK version. However, to make the dyesub legends more readable I picked a slightly lighter grey.

As for the yellow, it had to be super strong and vibrant, something that’s extremely difficult to replicate with PBT. I think we got a close match that I really like and while it won’t be as crazy vibrant as the ABS yellow we had in GMK Serika, I’m extremely happy with the one we are going to use.

Dyesub samples – Round 2

Drop has sent me a package with each kit that we plan to have for the set. Everything is looking fine, but I believe that there’s room for improvement. Some kits will be reworked, and some legends will be tweaked.

One of the changes I plan to perform will be using a thicker stroke for the modifiers, as the current legends don’t give you the feel of the doubleshot legends of a beampspring keyboard.

Fortunately, as MT3 Serika is using a custom font specifically made for keycaps (the Audacia typeface) all the legends can be fined tuned and get everything exactly as it should be.

Here are some pics of the Keycult No.1 Rev.1 with MT3 Serika samples, using the alpha, modifiers, and superhoming kits.

Disclaimer: these dyesub samples weren’t made using the final yellow color and use a cheddar yellow instead.

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