GMK Sandstorm Goes Live on September 9

Inspired by cerakoted keyboards and tactical equipment, GMK Sandstorm is a simple cream on beige custom keycap set. Perfect for beige cerakoted keyboards, polycarbonate keyboards, and dark grey, silver, or bronze finishes, GMK Sandstorm is a must have for those that would love to have a beige set on their desk.


  • Order open on: September 9, 2019
  • Orders close on: October 4, 2019
  • Estimated shipping date: March 2020

Available kits


This 138-key Core is your starting point and it provides coverage for most common boards: 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, WKL, Fullsize, and 1800-CP. The kit includes some accent keys, barred and scooped homing keys, and stepped caps lock.


A compact extension kit for Sandstorm’s Core that provides coverage for ISO, FC660 like layouts, 60% with arrows, 40%, and split/ergonomic boards (including an extra B).


The space bars kit extends Sandstorm’s layout support by including two 6.00u spacebars so you can cover your HHKB, and Cherry G80-1800 keyboards. The kit also includes accent space bars for standard and split keyboards.


A Brass keycap. Light gold pvd finish, white enamel fill with green glow in the dark.

Vendors – Where to buy


Core (MOQ 250)Extension (MOQ 100)Space Bars (MOQ 100)Hitmarker (MOQ 50)
Daily ClackAU$210,00AU$70,00AU$45,00AU$97,35
Switchmod kbds.$127,00$44,00$28,00$60,00
ZFrontier – EN$153,00$48,00$29,00$64,00
ZFrontier – CNCNY ¥906,00CNY ¥307,00CNY ¥195,00CNY ¥438,00
YushakoboJPY ¥15.800JPY ¥5.000JPY ¥3.000JPY ¥8.000

More info about the set

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